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  • User Description: Sparkling humor, mind-blowing jokes that knock you off your toes, and even if you are sitting, put together to call an ambulance, as the tummies burst from laughter. I watched that movie free on 123 free movies.This can be a funniest and the majority of charming comedy - a parody of all times and peoples. Not surprisingly, someone may say the jokes you will find vulgar, flat and only unworthy to spend your time into it, but believe me, only bigots can speak that adheres to that, it's time to relax and face the reality - Be simple!Yes, the jokes are vulgar! Yes, unceremonious and tactless, and mostly up to 16 and older, But! Forget even in this hour . 5 that you are an adult, that there is a few different responsibilities and concerns. Remember when you were 20 and merely smile, watching everything that happens on the screen.Send your young ones or grandchildren away to friends and family, have a bag of chips, well, or freshly baked pies, unwind in a chair with all your beloved old man, and only relax finally, enjoy yourself at least that you experienced, discarding all prejudices, pious upbringing and advanced schooling, since when watching this immense a masterpiece, you actually won't need it.The jokes in many cases are stupid, but that is the direction they were designed to be. This is certainly, firstly, a comedy, and secondly, a parody of numerous pretentious films, in addition to well-known youth horror films (horror).Well, at the fee for bigotry, I probably got excited, because I realize which every generation have their own a feeling of humor. After all, even my parents would prefer to watch "The Adventures of Shurik" significantly instead of once this disgrace.And I first saw "Scary Movie" at 18 and I still enjoy it, almost decade later. True, for the first time I watched on TV, where many of the most piquant and funny moments were cut down on because the stupid price tag. But, regardless of this, from the first time I fell crazy about this masterpiece. But my acquaintances and friends, who were lucky enough to watch this unforgettable parody completely and without censorship, relished and discussed vulgar jokes and priceless moments of the stuff that was happening on the watch's screen, so I is awaiting watching the whole version. Walking out to how I simply thought of buying "Scary Movie" using a (then) video cassette.Further more.When my heart was restless, I turned with this madness again and enjoyed it. As it is often very relaxing and provides rest to the brain after school or a challenging day at work. This is not a psychological thriller, not a fantasy, not much of a drama. There's no need to think, reason, seek out the purpose of life or social implications. This is simply a parody, a wonderful parody of films along with perhaps a lot of our daily life. And I laughed and laughed and laughed. It can be wonderful in the event the soul becomes warm, even in the narrow-minded and ridiculous charms.Agree that sometimes you need to become completely irresponsible stupid teenager again and not contemplate those pressing points that surround us, adult responsible people.That is a wonderful comedy production that lets us know - don't let yourself be serious continuously, remain children at least occasionally and luxuriate in life. Let it be a movie or simply your perception of the world.When I watch Scary Movie, I do not consider the past, the future, the present. I live, detached with the daily hustle and bustle. This film has always taught me to be absorb from your troubles that go to me from time for you to time. I can say that for me this legendary movie can be a masterpiece that evokes only positive emotions, excites the imagination and simply helps to live in this difficult world.My business is indebted to that film, because I selfishly remember it only if it's hard or sad in my situation, Going and return into it always inside the roughest times.

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