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  • User Description: Two additional deaths from Covid-19 have been reported so far today, each have been being handled in separate hospitals within the metropolis of Thessaloniki, an 87-12 months-old lady from a nursing house within the city and a sixty six-12 months-old man. Due to a recent spike of infections in nursing homes and a rise in associated deaths, the mass screening of both residents and staff of properties has began today throughout Greece. simply click the following internet page Similar restrictions are in place in other tourist areas including Chania, also on Crete, in addition to Halkidiki and the islands of Mykonos, Paros, Antiparos, Zakynthos and Lesbos.Regarding the islands, 22 new instances have been confirmed on Lesbos, 16 on Crete , 3 on Zakynthos , 2 on Chios, 1 on Corfu, 4 within the Cyclades . Thursday, August 27 – Two hundred and fifty-9 new infections have been recorded, with six additional deaths reported, raising the general death toll in Greece to 254. Greece has banned all flights from Barcelona, due to excessive levels of Covid-19 within the Spanish region of Catalonia. Friday, August 28 – Two hundred and seventy new infections had been recorded, with five further deaths, elevating the overall death toll in Greece to 259. Regarding the islands, 10 cases have been confirmed on Crete , three on Lesbos, 2 on Chios, 1 on Corfu and a couple of within the Cyclades (the specific islands have not been confirmed. Finally, 1 case is under investigation.Cat Interrupts Greek Evening News Interview For CoronavirusNo current circumstances are being treated at present within the island’s official Covid-19 quarantine lodging. It is not at all times obvious if there are new cases on Thassos, as any recognized instances shall be included within the general official figures for the mainland metropolis of Kavala. On the island of Zakynthos , two docs have tested constructive for Covid-19 and are self-quarantining. All the passengers on a TUI flight from the Greek island of Zakynthos to Cardiff in Wales are being tracked down and advised to self-isolate after a number of passengers tested optimistic for Covid-19. Of the a hundred and eighty people on board final Tuesday’s TUI flight 6215, seven people from three completely different parties have thus far tested positive for the virus.There have been calls for mass testing by way of cellular models on the Northern Aegean island of Thassos, after a variety of recent optimistic cases of Covid-19, together with the 50-12 months-old proprietor of a lodge within the southern city of Potos. The patient is now being treated on the University Hospital in Alexandroupoli after additionally showing signs of pneumonia. However, his family and shut contacts have thus far examined adverse for the virus, but as a precaution have entered 14 days of quarantine. In the previous there have been a number of cases identified in tourists on the island, however this is the primary known case of the virus within the area people.Regarding the islands, 6 new instances have been confirmed on Crete , three on Lesbos, 1 on Zakynthos , 1 within the Dodecanese and seven within the Cyclades . Monday, August 31 – One hundred and eighty-three new infections have been recorded, with 4 additional deaths reported, raising the general demise toll in Greece to 266. Greece has prolonged the prevailing restrictions on flights coming into the nation until September 15. The present restrictions include the ban on flights to-and-from Catalonia in Spain and all flights from Turkey. Regarding the islands, 9 new cases have been confirmed on Crete , 3 on Lesbos, 2 on Zakynthos , 1 on Kefalonia, 1 in the Dodecanese and 1 within the Cyclades .The authorities in Wales are advising that each one passengers on the flight are thought-about shut contacts and must self-isolate. Sunday, August 30 – One hundred and fifty-seven new infections have been recorded, with two further deaths reported, elevating the general demise toll in Greece to 262.Five further deaths were additionally reported, elevating the total demise toll in Greece to 248. These are the worst day by day infection figures so far and the highest number of every day fatalities because the middle of April. The necessary thing is to not continuously introduce new measures, however to persuade individuals to implement the present ones. The ways that will be followed from now on will be that of native lockdowns and never generalised and horizontal measures for the entire country. That is why native communities ought to be particularly careful, in any other case a local closure will observe, which will be catastrophic for that area’s financial system”.

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